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日期: 2010年1月12日(星期二)
時間: 7pm – 9pm 
地點: 香港立法會對開空地(向太子大廈方向)Open area outside the Legislative Council (facing the Prince’s Building)



- 參與團體代表發言
- 朗誦劉曉波及與劉曉波有關的詩作
- 行為藝術
- 參與人士自由發言
- 歌唱人權歌曲



學聯社會運動資源中心 (自治八樓)

“Release Liu Xiaobo" Candlelight Vigil

Date: 12 January 2010 (Tuesday)
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Open area outside the Legislative Council (facing the Prince’s Building)

Dr. Liu Xiaobo, prominent Beijing writer and honorary president of the Independent Chinese PEN Centre, was sentenced by the Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s Court to 11 years’ imprisonment and deprived of political rights for two years on Christmas Day (25 December 2009). The accused offence was only that Dr. Liu took part in drafting and signing the Charter 08 and writing six commentaries. Hong Kong legislative councillor Lee Wah-ming is going to table a motion “Releasing Liu Xiaobo" during the Legislative Council meeting on 13 January 2010. The wording of the motion is: “That this Council seriously regrets that the Central Government has imposed a heavy sentence on LIU Xiaobo for inciting to subvert state power, and demands that the Central Government should immediately release LIU Xiaobo and other dissidents; this Council appeals to the Central Government to recognize that Charter 08 advocated by LIU Xiaobo and others is a manifestation of the common values recognized by civilized societies and to positively affirm the concepts and principles of Charter 08, and the SAR Government should also expeditiously implement dual universal suffrage in Hong Kong according to those concepts and principles."

We are going to organize a candlelight vigil at the open area outside the Legislative Council (facing the Prince’s Building) from 7pm to 9pm on 12 January 2010. For those who are interested in this activity, please contact Patrick Poon (

– Speeches by representatives of participating organisations
– Reciting the poems written by Liu Xiaobo and poems about Liu Xiaobo
– Action art performance
– Free speeches by participants
– Singing human rights songs

On the other hand, we will continue to collect signatures to “Demand immediate release of Liu Xiaobo" and “Supporting the Charter 08″ from 1pm to 6pm on 10 January 2010 at Jardine Bazaar in Causeway Bay.

Participating organisations:

Independent Chinese PEN Centre
Hong Kong Chinese PEN Centre
Hong Kong Journalists Association
International Federation of Journalists
Amnesty International
Hong Kong University Students’ Union
Hong Kong Christian Institute
China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group
Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese
HKFS Social Movement Resource Centre (smrc autonomous8a)
Hong Kong Alliance In Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China
Laogai Research Foundation
(Welcome other organisations to join us)


14 thoughts on “「釋放劉曉波」燭光晚會 “Release Liu Xiaobo" Candlelight Vigil

  1. I cannot be in present on Jan08 as in Europe, I support this, and wish all of you have a sucessful evening.

  2. I am not able to be present – but will take part in the vigil, being there in spirit and lighting a candle at home. My thoughts are with political prisoners in Hong Kong and elsewhere… Mayne

  3. Liu Xiaobo has received hundreds of thousands of US government funding via the NED in the past five years. Check the NED’s China grants for Independent Chinese Pen Center and Minzhu Zhongguo magazine, which Liu heads.

    If Liu is American he’d be in violation of Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA). Pray tell, why would we lament Chinese money corrupting our political process, while sending many folds more to China, to corrupt their political process?

    This is by no means a straight foward case of free speech. Liu took foreign money the Chinese government has every right to prohibit (as we do under FARA.)

    My reading of the verdict is that the Chinese court decided Liu’s political speech exceeded the limit of free speech, at least in part due to the prosecution evidence showing Liu received foreign remittance.

    1. Many Chinese government agencies also receive foreign fundings. Are you also suggesting that they “subvert the Chinese government"? Please argue with sense!
      Also, please check your information again. The NED funding is from the US Congress, which is elected by the US people, not from the executive branch. Please learn more about US politics before making your idiotic arguments.

      1. Check Wikipedia for details on NED’s connection with the CIA. Congressional mandate still means Liu Xiaobo took money from the US government.

        US law (FARA) says citizen’s political asperation is not genuine if it’s foreign sponsored. It should be no different for China.

        I’m American, and I don’t think my tax dollars should be used to advocate abolition of China’s constitution. It appears I care more about your country than you.

      2. oh yes. seems that you know more about CIA and the Chinese Communist Party than anyone else. nothing to say….

      3. Right, and the Brits missed their opportunity with freedom loving, self hating Chinese like you, when they decided not to give 2nd class citizen passport to HKer. I’m American and I’m ashamed for you.

        Do you honestly believe any Chinese agency (name one) taking foreign aid is doing political work like Liu Xioabo? Domestic politics should be free from undue foreign influence, that is true for all countries.

      4. If I were a self-hating Chinese, I wouldn’t even spend time learning about China’s human rights problems. Why should I waste my time if I were a self-hating Chinese as you suggest? I could have spent more time earning more money instead of doing what I have been doing. I really feel sorry for you, cos’ you only know how to speak for an authoritarian state that continuously harass our own people. Shame on you!

      5. All you can do is yell slogans we give you. Do you actually understand what “human rights", “freedom" means?

        Free speech has limits, look up the “harm principle". Liu Xiaobo’s political speech, under foreign sponsorship, harms China’s sovereignty.

        What do you think will happen if China’s constituton is suddenly abolished? 1.3 billion people will be thrown into statelessness, and you will not get a free UK passport.

        My government is paying Liu Xiaobo to harm your country, and you are not only okay with it, you welcome it. Well, I don’t think my government should be in the business of wrecking other people’s country, Iraq or Afghanistan, or China.

      6. So, you understand what these terms mean? Locking up someone for 11 years who just write articles is a just act? If the Chinese government has evidence to accuse Liu Xiaobo and others of “overthrowing the government" by “accepting foreign governments’ money", give evidence, not just like you who just know how to mess up the issues.

  4. If I took Chinese government money and advocated abolition of US constitution, I will be in Jail for 30 years. This is our law, Foreign Agent Registration Act, look it up.

    Read the verdict, the foreign remittance evidence is there, page 3 porosecution evidence part 2, bank record shows Liu’s account accepted and withdrew foreign remittance.

    Also, the NED’s grant publication is public record, look it up on Liu Xiaobo’s organizations took over US$650,000 in the last five years.

    1. Who advocates the abolition of any constitution? It seems that you completely mix up the issues. What Liu Xiaobo and other signatories of Charter 08 call for is that the Chinese government SHOULD implement its constitution and the international conventions it has signed and ratified.